Craft Beers

Dorfs Gastrobar has over 30 different craft beers. In addition to breweries like Kissmeyer, Schiøtz and Anarkist, we also offer a wide selection of foreign craft beers. Beside that we have allocated 5 taps for microbrews. Microbreweries have the opportunity to promote their beer over a short period of time.

With our unique beer wall, which is located in the costumer area, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in our beer-bible, which illustrates all details about each beer. Our waiters can guide you to finding the perfect beer match for you.

Did we say that the red tiles you see in the picture are recycled from Tivoli in Copenhagen? We love them!

Beer Tastingboard

We know how difficult it can be to decide which craft beer to choose. We therefore offer our Beer Tasting Board, which allows you to choose 4 craft beers from our beer wall. Our servants will be available for guidance.